2017 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Lineup!

David Weiss – 1010 WINS
A native New Yorker, David’s radio and TV career of over 35 years has spanned the fields of news reporting and anchoring, sports, talk show host, along with a 4-year stint as a TV weather anchor. His career journey has taken him from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, and then returning 20 years ago to Long Island and New York City. For the past 11 years he has, among other things, been heard as a news anchor on 1010 WINS. David lives on the south shore of Suffolk County with his wife, two daughters, a neurotic dog and drooling cat.

Jade Scipioni – Fox Business News
Jade Scipioni is a reporter for FOX Business Digital, where she covers health, wellness and politics. She has interviewed many high profile CEOs, celebrities and politicians. Additionally, she was an on-site reporter throughout the 2016 election cycle, covering both the Republican and Democratic conventions as well as President Trump’s Inauguration. In 2015, she was a Genesis Award winner for a series of reports raising awareness of chicken abuse and other animal protection issues.

Bill Spadea – Chasing News TV / New Jersey 101.5 FM
Bill Spadea is the ringleader/host of Chasing News. He brings a unique perspective to the news/talk format, having served as a political strategist, analyst, candidate, and business executive. Before joining Chasing News, Spadea was a regular guest in the New York and New Jersey television markets as a political strategist and analyst. Spadea also works with Townsquare Media as the Morning Drive host on talk station NJ101.5 FM. He was the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District in 2004.

Frank Morano – AM 970 The Answer
Frank Morano is the host of “Morano in the Morning” Sunday mornings on AM 970 THE ANSWER, a show in which he interviews newsmakers, offers his unique take on everything from organized crime and the justice system to “Star Trek” and how to mix the perfect martini. He’s been called “Staten Island’s Favorite Son” for his devotion to his borough and his dogmatic refusal to leave the borough of his birth. He’s also the producer of the Joe Piscopo Show on the same station. He was formerly the producer of “Curtis & Kuby” and “The Curtis Sliwa Show” on 77WABC. He’s a longtime commentator and observer of the courts, his coverage of the four trials of John Gotti Jr, Vincent “Vinnie Gorgeous” Basciano, Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli and John Katehis among others have won acclaim both from listeners and legal aficionados. In his spare time, Morano is very active in good government causes and local politics. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Staten Island Reform Party. He’s producer of a documentary about longtime Donald Trump confidante and noted political consultant Roger Stone, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix in the Spring. He was a protégé of the late great Joe Franklin and worked with longtime radio talker John Gambling until his retirement last year.

Chris Perez – New York Post
Chris Perez is the most fearless, Dumpster-divingest reporter The New York Post has ever had since he began back in 2013. He has written for print and the web on every topic under the sun, from Ebola to Donald Trump. He’s also penned columns about his struggles with sleep eating, parking in The Bronx and the awesomeness of using The Guggenheim’s 18 karat solid gold toilet. While he hasn’t won any awards yet, he smells a Pulitzer in the near future.

Sopan Deb / Emcee – New York Times
“Sopan Deb is a culture reporter for The New York Times, writing about the intersection of politics and culture, among other topics. Before joining the Times, he covered Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for CBS News. His experience earned him an arrest in Chicago, an angry tweet from Trump and lots of frequent flyer miles, as well as stories that will last him a lifetime.”

Kevin Allen, Producer, Fox 5- NYC
Kevin wants to live in a world where he can practice yoga and go canoeing in the morning, write in the afternoon, and cuddle up by a fire at night. But since cats have already cornered this type of lifestyle, Kevin is obsessively studying gene splicing so that he can alter his DNA and give himself the life he so richly deserves. As a writer and a journalist with more than 15 years of experience, Kevin currently works as a producer for Fox 5 in New York City. He’s also worked for NBA TV, News 12 Networks, WROC-TV, WFRD-FM, WDCR-AM and Sports Illustrated. He currently lives in a 5th floor walk up and dreams of someday not having to haul laundry up and down all those stairs.

Brett Larson Morning Anchor at Fox News Headlines 24/7
Brett Larson currently serves as a morning anchor on Fox News Headlines 24/7. He joined the station in 2015 during its launch. Prior to joining FNH 24/7, Larson worked at CNN and Howard Stern’s Howard 100 News. In 2006, Larson earned an Emmy Award while covering technology for CBS. On a personal note, Larson rescued his lab-mix-mutt dog, Dexter, from the North Shore Animal League. He also loves to cook (and Dexter is always his sous chef).

Ronn Blitzer – Senior Editor of LawNewz.com
Ronn Blitzer is the Senior Editor of LawNewz.com, as well as occasional anchor and guest for the LawNewz Network. Prior to joining LawNewz, Ronn practiced as a litigation attorney, and is a former prosecutor with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

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